Using The Dental Floss

The best way of oral and dental care is to brush our teeth twice a day and to use the dental floss. The decays and the periodontal diseases start as a result of not cleaning the uneaten foods located interdentin.The tooth brush is not enough to clean the bacterias in these zones. That’s the reason why the teeth gaps have to be cleaned by a dental floss at least once a day in order to be cleaned well the teeth gaps. Using the dental floss provides to clean the plaques in the teeth and gingival. Teeth plaque produces the acids and toxins which can damage the teeth and gingivals.Using the mouthwash can help the prevention of teeth plaque.

Follow these steps in order to use the dental floss properly

  • •Wrap the dental floss around your finger
  • •Use your thumb and medius for leading the dental floss to your teeth’s gaps.
  • •Cross the dental floss to the sides all of the teeth as ”C”.And put it gently between your teeth and your gingival
  • •Check your gingival thanks to a mirror while using the dental floss. Your gingival must be pink and tight. You must consult your dentist if there is a bleeding.
  • •Don’t give up using the dental floss if your teeth bleed. Using the dental floss provides the gingival more health and helps to stop the bleedings.
  • How can we protect against the gingival disease?

1. You can play a big role in prevention of the gingival disease. It is necessary to avoid the teeth from bacterial plaque by brushing, using the dental floss and chemical agents twice a day so that you can protect your teeth on your mouth for lifelong.

2. It is very important to make our controls by going our dentist at least twice a year in addition all of the above. Avoiding consuming the adhesive foods and doing the daily oral care can minimise the tartars but it could not prevent them. Scaling the tartars which will be performed by a dentist provides to clean the tartars in the zone that you cannot reach while brushing or by using dental floss.