The Teeth Sensitivity

You can have teeth sensitivity problem. The pain inflicted because of teeth sensitivity can be felt sometimes. If you suffer constantly; it can be signal of a bigger problem. You should share the symptoms that you are exposed to with your dentist in order to determine the reasons of your disorder and for proper treatment.

What does it mean the teeth sensitivity for your teeth?

The teeth sensitivity generally means sharp ache and it affects daily routine as eating, drinking and brushing the teeth.

When it comes to healthy teeth, the areola tissue which is called as dentin is protected by gingival and firm ivory which is the upmost layer of the teeth. But dentin can be revealed because of the reasons like gum recession, breakage or snaggletooth, or erosion. Tubules, which are microscopic holes locating in the dentin, contact with nerves and they can trigger the pain with some of foods and drinks. The most common 2 reasons of the teeth sensivity are gum recession and loss of gingival.

Scratch brushing: Brushing the teeth extra hard or bristle brush can cause gum recession over time.

Fizzy foods: Consuming fizzy foods and drinks regularly causes erosion on your ivory and increase the risk of teeth sensitivity.