Sinus Lifting

Sinus lift is applicable when insufficient bone quantity arises from the expansion of the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw where posterior teeth are located.

Sinus lifting process is a painless application that takes an average 15 to 20 minutes with a local anesthesia. By patients with adequate bone volume it is possible to place implants in the same session, which extends the processing time about 4-5 minutes.

Sinuses are a group of air-filled spaces that surround the right and left part of nasal cavity (maxillary sinuses) in the upper jaw.

These hollow spaces expand in volume due to teeth losses which prevent the placement of implants onto these toothless areas under sinuses. Therefore, these spaces are filled with bone grafts for transforming the sinus cavities to adequate bone for the placement of implants. After an average of 6 months, this placed bone graft turns into hard tissue, thus ready to place the implants.