Root Canal Treatment

In the middle of each tooth, there is a vein and a group of nerves existing. They feed the tooth and make the feeling. This group of nerves and veins are called “the pulp”. When the pulp is harmed for a reason, it doesn’t work properly and cause infection. The pulp is taken and filled with artificial matter instead. It is called root canal treatment.

When is The Root Canal Treatment necessary?

If the cavity is not treated, it reaches the pulp and cause infection. Root canal treatment is necessary.

During crown bridge treatments sometimes the pulp goes out and cause terrible pain. Root canal treatment is necessary, too.

Sometimes the teeth have traumatic impact and need root canal treatment. In these cases it is necessary to take a panoramic x-ray.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

During the treatment local anesthesia is used and the patient feels nothing. After the treatment some painkillers might be taken.

How many sessions are there? 

It is completed in one session. If the tooth is infected it could be 2 or 3 sessions. While the treatment antiseptic medicine is used with temporary fillings.

What happens if the root canal isn’t treated?

It causes very painful aches and stops when the pulp finishes its brightness. In this case, the infection can jump into the jawbone. This causes some unwanted diseases such as losing the tooth itself and the neighbor teeth.

Has the tooth been saved after the root canal treatment?

It can be filled normally. But if there isn’t enough matter to support, the tooth needs inlay filling. On the other hand, if it is necessary the tooth must be covered with a crown.

Does root canal treatment make the tooth’s function spoiled?

In the past it is believed that “root canal treatment spoils the tooth.” In fact, it is not true. After taking the alive part out, the tooth becomes neutralize and doesn’t feel any sense. But side veins and nerves help it be alive. The succession of the root canal treatment is 98%.

Why don’t I extract my tooth?

Some patients think that it had better extract the tooth and put a bridge or crown in place of the tooth.

Your own tooth is the best. If necessary the specialist can put a crown after root canal treatment and you can use your tooth for a long time.  Nothing is better than your own tooth.