Permanent Dentures Care

The oral care should be realised by brushing the teeth at least twice a day as cleaning well the diastema with interproximal brush and under the missing teeth in the bridge (bottom of bridge web facing the tissue)

Dentures have to be daily cleaned.

Removable dentures have to be removed after every meal and the food residues on it have to be well cleaned under the water and mouth should be swilled.

Removable dentures should be cleaned using a brush by a liquid cleaner at the end of the day.

The effervescent tablets must be daily used for cleaning the dentures.

The dentures cannot be put into the liquids contain solvent as household bleach, these applications not only increase its fragility bunglingly the denture structure but also cause getting more dirty by roughen up its surface.


In the Case When the Dentures are not cleaned:

  • •Halitosis
  • •Scratchiness in the tissue under denture and occurrence of mycosis
  • •Aesthetical problems
  • •Wounds and infections on mucosa
  • •The deformations of denture compatibility can occur depending on scratchiness in the tissues