Oral Care In Pregnancy

While the pregnancy, the acid level increases in split. This makes the teeth weaker and teeth have cavities. Candidate mother must keep their mouths clean neatly.  If they have problems with their gums these problems get worse. They may refrain of brushing their teeth when they have bleeding inside the mouth. This cause more bacteria, more redness and more bleeding on the gum. It is called gingivitis of pregnancy.  It starts in the 2nd month and reaches the top in the 8th month. “Every pregnancy makes a tooth lost”   is a rumour. The candidate mother must keep her mouth clean and brush her teeth regularly. They must use dental floss, too. Naturally, candidate mother should visit go to their dentists regularly, too.

Oral and Dental Care In the Pregnancy

It can occur bleeding and gingival sensitivity by the affect of hormonal changes and changing the food habits and the throwing up seen in the first months of the pregnancy. The mums-to-be should not outgrow brushing their teeth because of the bleeding. The teeth infection can be prevented by caring effectively the teeth and gingivals.The teeth must be brushed at least twice a day after every repast if it is possible. You should use the dental floss too.

The Teeth Treatment in Pregnancy

It is necessary to go to your dentist regularly in pregnancy. If any sharp pain or infection appears, the treatment should be realised whenever in pregnancy.