Mouth Sores (Aphtha – Canker)

Canker Sores

It is also called as mouth ulcers (agranulocytosis) or the sores in the aphthous mouth, but the medicines all over the world could not diagnose the exact reason of tissue disorders.Semi-white, yellow or grey in its sores but it is not same with herpes. All combustion can be producing in the mouth and the sores into the lips, cheeks, tongue, gingivas or it is produced by palates.Generally, 2-3 piece can be seen in the same time.

It’s seen in women with sores in the mouth more likely but probably seen in every children. Recovery in 7 to 10 days and it depends on the person.’ But why it is not completely know well’ although many factors are thought in order to be effective on the rear, there are some reasons of its wound. There are many factors from the toothpaste to alimentation.

Physical Trauma: Biting cheek accidentally, also the alimentations or hot drinks, irritation of the mouth caused by a sharp object or dentures which could stir up the lesions into the mouth are the examples of physical traumas.

Food: Acid-containing foods and drinks could trigger the sores into the mouth. For example, orange juice sores into the mouth or in contact with a delicate texture of bigger drinks that cause bigger sores. Only strong acidity profile of citrus fruit, not usually.Besides,high level of acid-containing fruits,vinegar,sauce,salt,spices,spices food,pickles,biscuits and food additive can induce after many chemical products into the mouth.

Hormonal Imbalance: One of the body reactions to hormonal balance is the sore into the mouth. For example, in women at the term or adolescent, the sores of mouth are common.

Stress: It is not a surprising situation to see the stress behind any of the physical compliant and the sores can be considered between these complaints.Unfortunatelly, anxious thoughts that we have all day long, the unhappiness at our work or at home, our feature fretting over or the time we pass on the road because of the traffic provoke our physical reactions. The stress also invites the sores as well as the hormonal changing of women at the term. The recent researches about genetics demonstrate that % 35 of the people suffering from the sores have minimum one person at their family having the same problem. The rate about this matter in the maternal twins is % 90 that both having the sores. If anyone, having a family member suffering the sores can go through this disease in earlier age preponderantly.

When should I call the doctor?

  • •When any of sore appears bigger than 1 cm
  • •When it begins to reproduce the sores
  • •If you have several sores
  • •When it appears arthralgia,fever,diarrhea and body marks in the same time with sores