Why we should have implants?

•The implants prevent the bone loss. So, it means: Normally when one of your teeth is exracted,there will be resorption’s in the bone tissue of  the extracted tooth zone. That is a undesirable physical resorption.If the implant is executed as soon as possible after the tooth extraction, there will not be any occurrence of bone loss. So there will not be gum recession in this zone too and it allows you to have the best esthetical result.

•There is no choice instead of executing the implants in order to protect the quantity of bone in the extracted tooth zone.

•One of the most precious features of the implants is not to make any operation or procedure for adjacent teeth. Normally, the adjacent teeth have to be cut while realising a fixed bridge treatment. The implants are executed for just the flexional spaces and 2 teeth lateral are not affected.

•The implant gives you a chance to have the most natural image. You can use the implant as your own teeth while eating.

•And of course you will regain the sense of self-confidence that you lost when you smile.

•You will be glad to have tooth implant surgery in Istanbul

The implants can be applied of all ages?

The implants can be applied for everyone who completed the bone development. The bone developpement has been finished for women at 15-16 for men 17-18.There is not any age limit, they can be successfully applied for anyone in every age whose state of health is proper.Especially,the old people, they need to be treated more with implants as they are subject to have some problems about the denture grip. So the implants are preferred more by the older people.

The treatment of implant is divided two stages as surgical stage and superstructure stage. It is necessary to wait for a while after implementation. This waiting time, called as ”osteointegration”, is the required time which the implant combines with the jaw bone biologically.

What are the treatment stages in order to be treated with the implant?

Producing the porcelain crown, which is the second stage following the waiting time of implants, can be completed mean in one week.


There will be any pain during the operation?

Dental implants are placed patient’s jaw bone by surgical interventions which are realised with local anaesthesia in 5-10 minutes per implant which the patient is not put to sleep. The local anaesthesia, which is applied for a simple filling, will be realised.THE OPERATION IS COMPLETELY PAINLESS.

How long the lifetime of implant?

It could not be expressed with specific years the lifetime of implant under proper circumstances. The lifetime of an implant can be considered as all lifelong if correctly planify, implant is placed to jaw bone by a good technique and proper denture is made into it and if the patients care and dentist controls are regular.

The Success Rate of Implant

The Success Rate of the implant applications is %98 with the important developpement recently executed about the field of technical and material .Firstly it is necessary to correctly diagnosis and to realise the proper and surgical superstructure by dentist in order to have a successful result for implant applications. Cleaning and caring of the implants must be well done by patients after the treatment.

THE EUROPEEN UNION HEALTH CE CERTIFICATED VITZANI IMPLANTS that we have been using for many years at our clinic are ideographically produced in the factory which is located Bologne-ITALY.The VITZANI IMPLANT, with its surface  which is perfectly designed having high durability, has a feature to accelerate the recovery process. It can be easily used for all of varieties indications and for the zones lack of bone thanks to its biologic features suitable for the tissues. Our implants, whose sterilisations are realized by special ionised gamma rays, have different size options. Our implants are designed by DR.NIHAT TANFER in order to be using especially for the case where there is not enough bone and for the operations ”BOX TECHNIQUE”.