Dr. Nihat Tanfer

Dr. Nihat Tanfer, born in Ankara in 1951, is the only child of descendant otorhinolaryngologist Operator Dr. M.Nedret Tanfer and Handan Tanfer. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul Işık High School and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1974. Entering upon a career as a doctoral student is tooth, jaw diseases and surgery in 1975, he completed his studies as Dr. Med. Dent. with a high level in 1981. He founded plastic oral surgery center in 1981 after resigning from the university because of the law of the high education board. He worked in implantation professorship with Prof. Tramonte in Milano between the years of 1985-90. Dr. Nihat Tanfer, founding dental policlinic of International Hospital in 1989, had worked as the head of dentistry department of the hospital for 5 years.

Dr. Nihat Tanfer was selected as honorary member by the Accademia Italiana Degli Implianti (A.I.D.I) for his over achievements in the field of implantation.

He performed his studies with Prof. Mörmann about Cerec in Zurich in 1990.

Plastic Oral Surgery Center still services under the name of Tanfer Mouth and Dental Health Policlinic.

”THE BOX TECNIQUE” is a unique technique that is based on the principal of regenerating the jaw bone as three dimensions by putting the polilactic acid plaques which are consonant with tissue by a special method for the bone jaw of patients whose jaw bones are already thawed for various reasons and who have never chance for getting any dentures.


”THE BOX TECHNIQUE”, performed only just few clinics in all over the World, is applied only at TANFER CLINIC in TURKEY.