Dental Aesthetics

It means that your dentist create the changing that you would like to see about your dentition ,the most proper and optimum smile of you, by composing the function and aesthetic. It is very important first meeting, encountering and first sight in our social life. Soft harmonious smile is usually a positive beginning. At the dentistry of today, special teeth design for individual characters and physical
features are executed for natural smile. You can create important differences for your social status and your personal relations as well as both your psychology will be better and your self-confidence peaks by a little changing of your smile. Your self-confidence and happiness will affect the other people unavoidably while the shining smile coalesces with your face.

When do we need the aesthetic dentistry services?

1. When we have an asymmetrical problem with the form and size of our anterior teeth.

2. If you have some spaces between your anterior teeth which cause speech problems (diastema)

3. If you are not satisfy about your teeth colour

4. If there are some of muezzins and/or irregularity of your teeth

5. If you don’t like the view of your old procedures as (crown, bridge and plombage) or you think that they are not seem natural

6. If you feel that you have to shut your mouth instead of smiling at the photos.

7. If you need to shut your mouth when you smile around the people at your social life.


It is the time for you to visit your dentist if you have several or any of the statements as mentioned above

What are the most important points of Aesthetic Dentistry?

When we realise the aesthetic dentistry for our patient, the subjects as the age, sex, lips, gingivas, teeth colour, teeth shape, teeth location, face shape, skin colour of our patients are taken in consideration.


Laminate veneers: Laminate veneer is the one of the best application being taken maximum care of dental tissue in the recent dentistry. Laminate veneers are thin porcelain pieces. For this purpose, a dental tissue with thickness of 0.5 mm is lifted.Then, the teeth colour, form and the other informations are transmitted to the technicians and these small pieces produced privately are pasted to the tooth with special adhesive. Light transmittance and impeccable aesthetic comes with it causes an appearance of a natural beauty even under different lights thanks to slightness of these small pieces.

It is performed for which reasons?

1. If your gingiva is seen much when you smile

2. Teeth deformities

3. Fixing the screw pitch

4. For muzziness situations which the patient regrets the orthodontics

5. Colourify teeth treatment for the teeth which cannot be whiten after bleaching

6. Existing the old stopping into the anterior teeth

7. Surface wear of teeth

8. Renew the broken teeth

9. The laminate veneer system can be presented as an aesthetical alternative treatment while redesigning the smile line

Zirconia is a product which has the highest quality ever for the cases about naturality, tissue compatibility, and durability and aesthetic that is essential requirements of dentistry.

The substructure made of metal veneer crowns loses their popularity more day by day. The Zirconia which is a white alloy is used as being substructure instead of metal in the system which has all of the features we wish to get as biological adaptation, natural appearance, aesthetic and mechanic strength. We prefer securely the porcelains by metal substructure with reasons that they are not only enough aesthetic in order to be used for anterior teeth but also they are enough steady for being used for backtooth too. These systems increase the personal life quality.

What are the differences of Zirconia Crowns Veneers?

•It is not grown any of hot or cold sensitivity thanks to its insulating feature

•The Zirconia are seen as natural tooth and very aesthetically with their features of light transmission, but the best metal veneer crowns have also an opaqueness and artificiality too. For this reason, it is used the Zirconia crowns veneers for foreteeth especially.

Metal Veneer Crowns give an image of colourful dark space as they are not on the mouth with some lights. But Zirconia allows all kind of light transmissions as natural teeth.

•It does not exist a dark line into the crowns and gingiva because there is no metal in its substructure. You can obtain more aesthetic view.

•The surface of the porcelains are smooth that’s the reason why cigarate, alcohol ext. can not cause any of spotting and it has been minimised the tartar occurrence.

•It does not change any colour by external factors as coffee, tea or cigarette

•It is a healthy material that does not allow the gingival problems, halitosis, and taste defect of mouth.

•The pression and purpleness which occur in gingiva because of the porcelain metal veneer crowns made previously will be completely disappeared by applying the Zirconia crowns veneer and you will have a natural and aesthetic image.

•The Zirconia protects aesthetical image while gingival recession but metal veneer crowns create a bad image in the teeth’s merging zone.

•The allergy risk which can be occurred against some of the metals (nickel) using for substructure.

•It can be easily used for the people who have gingival problems or who are inclined to have it for because of its feature consonant perfectly with human body. Its adaption with gingiva is perfect and it does not cause any gingival problems as long as the giving importance to oral hygiene.

Bleaching: The undesirable spotting occur in the teeth in time. There can be many reasons of them; senility, consuming much the nutrition’s which consist of the colorant (tea, coffee, coke, and cigarete e.), traumas and the antibiotics taken at adolescence times. A tooth bleaching is a system for cleaning these spotting and it is a very popular and delicate system. It can be performed at not only in a dentist clinic (office bleaching) but also at home by you. (Home bleaching)

Home Bleaching: A transparent model specific to the person that contains all of teeth will be prepared in accordance with the measures of the patient’s mouth. The patient performs that periodically for the teeth by applying the bleaching gel which has been given by doctor into the mould. The gel has to be regularly applied every day and it has to stay into the patient’s mouth for 5-8 hours by day. And this application has to continue for 10 and 14 days. In order not to damage the gingiva by bleaching gel, you have to care about effusing to gingiva and if the gel effused you have to clean it with wet cotton. It is very important to apply the bleaching at home as the time your doctors advice and regularly otherwise the wishing results cannot be procured.

Bleaching at clinic: It is an application which is performed by a dentist at clinic and generally takes approximately 45-50 minutes.Firstly, your gingiva are protected by a special protective material during the application, and then a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. It provides accelerating the process of bleaching and makes the gel activate the by a special ray which has been applied. Teeth will be lightened approximately 4-5 hues after one séance.