Dental Aesthetics In 1 Day With Cerec Technique

Change your life in a day!

With Cerec technique, we help you begin a fairy tale of charm in your life and we deliver the key to a magical future into your hands after a procedure that takes only 1 day.

Cerec is a state-of-the-art technique in dentistry. With this technique, the teeth tissue is created in computer environment and therefore there is no need to take an impression. Only a single session with the patient is sufficient for desired porcelain restorations. A 3D optic impression of the tooth to be filled or veneered is taken through a computer camera and the image is transferred to the digital environment.

With Cerec technique, single porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays, onlays (filling), porcelain bridges and laminates only are performed in the same day.

Key advantages of Cerec technique are:

  • 1. Procedure completed in a single day
  • 2. The entire oral treatment finished in the same dayi
  • 3. High potential of protection and control during and after the treatment
  • 4. No need for temporary prosthesis
  • 5. Taking impression on computer environment which is very comfortable for the patients (patients do not experience nausea as no tray is used))
  • 6. Quick to manufacture and quick to apply
  • 7. Wide array of material options
  • 8. Porcelain restoration without using metals
  • 9. Very durable and aesthetic appearance

Cerec technique is performed in a single day and very comfortably as well as fast. Materials used in Cerec technique are perfectly compatible with the teeth and the gums. Cerec technique is used to perform procedures such as laminates, crowns and bridges for teeth that need filling. Thus, patients have aesthetically pleasant and natural looking teeth that they will use for very long years.