Cysts In The Jaw

The cysts common at the jaws:

It could be seen various cysts in the jaws taking its source from teeth or not. Sometimes the jaw cysts can reach huge sizes without being noticed by patient. Because of this reason, it had better to get a panoramic dental radiography at the patient’s routine controls. The cysts of jaws usually take the source of teeth. These cysts which can occur around the dental root can easily reach bigger sizes unless they are treated. It would not be enough to extract the tooth for the patients who have a cyst around the dental root. If the tooth is extracted and the cyst is left into the bone, this cyst reach huge sizes by continue to gather. As a result of this, a situation can occur that lots of teeth have to be extracted. Therefore the surgical operations have to be applied as soon as diagenesis cystic have been noticed.

Apical Resection

The apse and cystic lesion, occur in the dental root because of the different reasons, have been tried to be treated by cutting and removing the infected dental zone which is opened directly when the canal treatment would not be sufficient. This practice is called as Apical Resection. Apical Resection is a treatment choice which has to be evaluated before the tooth extraction.

The circumstances that apical resection is executed

•The canal treatment is not finished by the reasons of the structure of dental root or formal irregularity

•The canal treatment which cannot be applied by the reason of a restoration which cannot be removed into the tooth

•If any of materials have been broken during the canal treatment and if the broken materiel must be removed necessarily, with the aim of removing the materiel

•In the cases patient continue suffering despite of executed canal treatment

•In the circumstance that cyst occurs at dental root

•In the cases if 1/3 part of the dental root which is into the bone is broken