Conservative Dentistry

It is dentistry faculty which aims to protect the teeth vitality by stopping the decays spreading and to treat earlier the decays which are formed in outer layer as dentin or ivory.

Why do our teeth decay?

Decay, affects most of the people at least once during their life, is a preventable minor disorder. The nutrition that we consume (sugary, floury, farinaceous, milk, orange juices, acid drinks, fruits and vegetables etc.) left into our teeth. Especially floury and sugary food’s left outs are turned acid by the bacterias exist on our mouth normally. This acid melts the ivory in the time and the decay begins.

There are 3 main factor of decay:

  • Bacterias Plaque (known as Teeth Plaque)
  • Foods starchy (sugar, flour)
  • Constitutional Factors (Teeth form, composition of saliva)

If any of these factors change in a person who has a healthy dental and oral care, decays appear.


What are the symptoms of decay?

  • A gap feeling in the teeth, cusps, small crashes
  • Food residues which left between the teeth
  • High reaction to stimuli and pain as hot, cold, sugary and sour
  • Pain occurs by pressing into the teeth
  • The dark coloration at gingiva or teeth

How is the decay treated?

After cleaning the decay, teeth is restorated with the materials accord with it

  • The teeth restoration varieties
  • Composite fillings (Aesthetic filling)
  • Amalgam fillings (Metal filling)
  • Restoration Onlay-Inlay (Porcelain Filling)

Composite fillings

It is to reconstruct the natural teeth image of a person by using the composite fillings materials with the aim of restoration and reparation of teeth tissue which are deformed because of decay or trauma. It is very important for aesthetic dentistry the restoration of the decays and deformations realised with a good aesthetical result .The aesthetic filling life depends on the patient habit, the hygiene of mouth, the materiel preferred, the dentist talent and the treatment type. The composite fillings are also known as white fillings because they are in same colour with natural teeth. They are used for just anterior teeth in the beginning. But it is used for the backtooth too thanks to its developed materials.

The Amalgam Fillings

It is a mercury alloy formed by silver, copper and tin. This method which was very popular before, nowadays it has been abandoned because of the aesthetical concerns. Amalgam fillings are not aesthetic. It is not preferred by the patients because of its colour black or silver. The mercury inside of it provokes the discussion all the time. Its damages or the disorders which are triggered by it are not proved. Amalgam fillings are not popular to be used by dentist in our clinic as well as in the world.

Restorations Inlay-Onlay

It is the porcelain fillings and ıt can easily adapt with the teeth by aesthetical way. It would be subject to the applications of lab after getting the measurements; it would not be finished in just one séance.