All On Four Technique

All on Four Implantation Technique is a surgical procedure suitable for completely toothless patients involving the fixing of 4 implants on the maxilla at certain angles and securing the dental prosthesis on those 4 implants.

The technique enables patients who do not have any tooth but who have sufficient bone density to have a prosthesis in 1 day and single session. Arriving without any tooth in the morning, the patient will leave the sessions with temporary fixed teeth prosthesis in the evening. Following a recovery period of 3-4 months, permanent prosthesis is applied so that the patient does not have to live without teeth in the process.

It is also suitable for patients who cannot use removable dentures.

For All on Four technique, the patient first goes through a detailed clinical and tomographic examination and a patient-specific treatment plan is created on CT – computerized tomography through rigorous analyses.

After the implantation procedure in line with the predefined plan, the temporary prosthesis is fixed the same day and the procedure is completed.

In the recovery period following the procedure, the patients should avoid eating very hot or hard food and instead prefer softer food to reduce the load on the implants. After the permanent prosthesis is applied 3 to 4 months later, the patients can return to their regular diet and eat anything they want