About Us

Tanfer Clinic was founded by Dr. Med. Dent. Nihat Tanfer in 1981. We treat the patients successfully on oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery, Implant, aesthetic tooth and dental prosthesis.

Since 1985 we have been applying the implant treatment successfully.

Since 1990 we have been applying aesthetic porcelain or zirconium crown, laminate veneer and bone grafting successfully.

In 2012 for the first time in Turkey, Osteobioregeneration (Boxtechnique) operation applied.

Osteobioregeneration is a new prosthetically and aesthetically guided bone regenerative technique that introduces a great opportunity to the patients to make the lost jaw bone part reconstructed and rebuilt.

Having three space dimensions to the jaw bone, getting the jaw bone implanted easily and repairing the jaw bone firmly this technique is very efficient and useful.

New teeth are applied onto the implants which were inserted while the Boxtechnique Operation, after 6 months of healing period.

Tanfer Clinic is located in Nişantaşı, Rumeli Caddesi. It is built on 3 storey building, there are 7 units, 1 surgery room and 7 specialized Dental Surgeons in our clinic. We provide VIP service to our patients from inland or abroad.

Clinic specialists and the personal perform the service to the patients in all languages.


The CE European Union Health Certificated Vitzani Implants that we have been using for many years at our clinic are privately produced in accordance with our patient’s individual’s features for TANFER CLINIC in the factory located in Bologna-Italy. The Vitzani Implant, made of high quality pure titanium, have a special feature that it makes accelerate the recovery process by its surface designed faultlessly having high strength.

It could be effectively used for the zones having less bone quantity as well as all of the various indications thanks to its biological feature consonant with tissue.

Our implants whose sterilisations being executed by special gamma rays have different choices of length and wideness.


Our implants are designed by DR.NIHAT TANFER in order to be used for especially the operations of ”BOX TECHNIQUE” and insufficient jaw bone cases.


  • To ensure that more patients benefit from Tanfer Clinic’s oral and dental care
  • To introduce health and care service
  • To introduce  the exclusive treatment to the patients
  • To solve the problems quickly to encourage the professionalism and specialist
  • To contribute Turkey’s progress to introduce our high performance to the patients
  • To be the leader on our field


    • From the top to the bottom everyone must work harmonically obeying ethic and professional values
    •  Tanfer Clinic promotes patient satisfaction, continuous improvement, group work, social responsibilities, professional administration, technological progresses and sharing as a leader foundation.
    • Obeying the ethical values, using the latest technology with the best health service to provide the patient safeness with affordable prices.


  • Respect to patients right
  • Follow the medical ethics rules
  • Honesty
  • Information
  • Researching
  • Being opened to new ideas
  • Responsibility
  • Sensitivity
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Team Spirit
  • Trust of ourselves